Brellerz Umbrellas

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Hall B - 851

8560 West Sunset Blvd.
Suite 500
West Hollywood, CA 90069

P: 424-274-4556
F: 424-274-4501

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About Brellerz Umbrellas

Buying umbrellas that break is bad business! Next time it rains your customers will go elsewhere to buy. Our umbrellas use quality frames, fabrics and finishes. Brellerz offers you a "ready to retail" small umbrella stand (13"w x 9"d x 4'h) delivered to you already filled with 36 folding and 12 auto sports umbrellas at value pricing. Unpack the stand in just 2 minutes, mark it with a single retail price and you are ready to sell. Our Rain E-larm APP directs customers to your store in the rain!
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